Questioning the Media: A Guide for Students.

  • Autor: Buckingham, David
  • Erschienen: 2003
  • Quelle: UNESCO: MENTOR. A Media Education Curriculum for Teachers in the Mediterranean. The Thesis of Thessaloniki, First Version, March 2003 (CD ci.com series).
  • Verlag: UNESCO


Buckingham's guide provides useful information on the aims and methods of media education. Students are encouraged not to reject but to question the media. The paper tries to answer apparently simple questions such as: „What are 'Media'?“ and covers many aspects of media education using easily understandable terms, concise examples and explanations throughout. This text is also available in French.
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Buckingham, David

David Buckingham (*1954) is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London where he directs the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media (http://www.ccsonline.org.uk/mediacentre). He has directed several major research projects on young people's relationships with the media and on media education, funded by organisations such as the Economic and Social Research Council, the Arts and Humanities Research Board, the European Commission, the Arts Council of England, the Broadcasting Standards Commission, and the Spencer, Gulbenkian and Nuffield Foundations. He is the author or editor of fifteen books, including Children Talking Television (1993), Moving Images (1996), The Making of Citizens (2000), After the Death of Childhood (2000) and Media Education (2003). He has published more than 120 book chapters and articles in academic and professional journals.