Values and the Power of Community. Speech by the Prime Minister to the Global Ethics Foundation, Tübingen University, Germany, 30 June 2000.

  • Autor: Blair, Tony
  • Erschienen: 2000
  • Quelle: Amt für Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der Universität Tübingen.


This speech to the Global Ethics Foundation was held by Prime Minister Tony Blair on 30 June 2000 at Tübingen University. Blair describes his political concept of a New Economy and points out the need to adapt traditional and moral values to modern day standards. He proclaims equal chances for everyone but also emphasizes the importance of individual responsiblity. "Law and order" for him is a means to ensure a stable and working society. And as political, economical, social and ecological problems can not be solved by nations acting alone, he proclaims the need to develop "a doctrine of international community". This text is also available in German.
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Blair, Tony

Tony Blair wurde am 6. Mai 1953 in Edinburgh geboren. 1975 wurde er Mitglied der Labour Party, 1983 Member of Parliament. 1988 wurde Blair ins Schattenkabinett gewählt, 1994 Parteichef der Labour Party. Seit 1997 ist er Premierminister von Großbritannien.